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Grade 12’s 2018-2019

Will you be in grade 12 at Madill during the 2018-2019 school year? Would you like to receive text message notifications of important grade 12 events / information (postsecondary information sessions, scholarship opportunities, course add/drop dates, application tutorials, etc.)?

Sign up by texting the number 289-803-4379 with the message @7c7be82.


Grade 9 Registration Materials and Grade 8 Night

Guidance counsellors are visiting grade 8 classes from Madill feeder schools (F.E. Madill, Howick, Brookside) during December. For all other grade 8 students planning to attend Madill for grade 9, registration materials are available for download… check the menu on the left side of this page. Please don’t hesitate to contact the guidance office at F.E. Madill if you need help or have questions.

Grade 8 night for students and their families will take place on Tuesday, January 16, from 7 pm. until 9 pm. The evening will begin in gym 250 then continue around the school with activities, games, presentations and prizes! This evening is being organized by the Peer Leadership class, and will be both informative and loads of fun! All students who are considering Madill for grade 9 should definitely attend with their families, including those currently attending Madill for grade 8. Don’t miss out!


Grade 9 Course Selection 2018-2019

Grade 8 students planning to attend Madill for grade 9 are reminded of the following course selection and registration deadlines:

Madill Elementary, Howick and Brookside students (and any others attending an AMDSB elementary school):

  • submit your course selection using MyBlueprint as instructed by your teacher, then bring your printout (signed by you and your parent) to your teacher by Thursday, February 22, 2018 (or as otherwise requested by your grade 8 teacher)

Howick and Brookside students (and any others attending an AMDSB elementary school):

  • also give your teacher your completed registration form (including copy of birth certificate and proof of residency) by February 22, 2018.

Wingham Sacred Heart, Teeswater Sacred Heart, Lucknow Central and Hillcrest Public students:

  • bring your course selection (preferably also signed by your teacher) and other registration materials (registration form, copy of birth certificate, proof of residency) directly to the guidance office at F.E. Madill by Friday, February 23, 2018.

Students attending an AMDSB school but living outside of the Madill busing area:

  • take your border crossing request form to your home school (the AMDSB school that is where you are ‘supposed’ to attend, even though you plan to attend Madill instead) before February 23, 2018.

Students living and attending a school outside of AMDSB:

  • bring your registration (including copy of birth certificate and proof of residency), course selection and border crossing request form to the guidance office at F.E. Madill before February 23, 2018.

If you do not have a registration package, please download what you need from the menu to the left here on the guidance website.

Course Calendar and Course Selection 2018-2019

Grade 9 to 12 course selection classroom visits will take place during period 1 classes between January 8 and January 15. If you don’t have a period 1 class, please come to guidance for instructions or help.

As always, course selection will take place using Signed printouts must be submitted to the guidance office by Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at the latest. Late submissions of the signed sheets will mean being given lower priority for the courses chosen, so don’t be late!

Course descriptions and other important information are available in the Madill course calendar for 2016-2017, available in ePub or pdf versions at:

Attending Madill Next Year

All students who plan to be a grade 9 to 12 student at Madill next year (2018-2019) should have selected courses by Wednesday, February 14.

If you will be new to Madill in 2018-2019 (grade 9 to 12), please ensure you have selected courses right away (try to get them in by Feb. 14), in order to have a space in the classes you want!

Grade 8 course selection for students entering grade 9 in the fall of 2018 will be due IN GUIDANCE Friday, February 23.  Grade 8 night will be held January 16 from 7 to 9 pm, with a snow date of Thursday, January 18.

Gr. 8 Parent & Student Information Evening

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 –  7:00 pm 

Gr. 8 students and their parents/guardians are welcome to attend an information night, January 13th.  You will have the opportunity to tour our school and to attend a course selection tutorial.  Please meet in the main gym for a general presentation at 7:00 pm prior to touring the school.

Course Changes for Next Year

Course changes for next year are frozen until after timetables have been created later this spring. If you are interested in a preferential course change (ie changing one elective for another), bring a note from home to give permission and you will be placed on a waitlist, or in the course if possible, once timetables have been created.

However, if you are considering a change in course type (for example college or mixed instead of university, or applied instead of academic), please bring a note from home giving permission as soon as possible. Course type changes may be difficult or impossible to make once timetables have been created. Bringing a note from home as soon as possible is especially important for course type changes in English, math and science.

Course Selection Grades 10 – 12 for 2014/2015

Students who will be in grades 10 – 12 in 2014/2015 will complete course selection online using MyBlueprint by February 12, 2014.

Students who had English (grades 9 – 12) in first semester were seen during their English class, and given instructions as well as a list of courses being offered and a link to the course calendar. If you were absent when this took place, please drop by guidance for your instructions.

Students who have English (grades 9 – 12) in second semester will be seen in their English classes on February 4 or 5, and will be given their instructions at that time. If you are absent from English class then, please drop by guidance for your instructions.

Students who need help with the course selection process or in using MyBlueprint to select courses, are invited to come to Computer Lab 331 at lunch on Monday, February 10 or Tuesday, February 11 for help.

All printed MyBlueprint course selection printed sign-off sheets are due in the guidance office by Wednesday, February 12, 2014.  Sign-off sheets received after that date may result in students being placed on wait lists for some courses.

Course Selection Guide for Students 2014-15

Courses Offered 2014-15

Madill Course Calendar 2014-2015

Grade 8 Information Evening

Grade 8

Information Evening

for Students and Families

at F. E. Madill


Tuesday, January 14th

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

in the large gym


Grade 8 Students and Families Welcome

*presentations, activities, prizes and self-guided tour*

Course/Class Changes

Students who wish to look at possible class or course changes for semester 1 or semester 2 should check the master timetable outside of guidance, then sign the list in guidance. You will be called to the guidance office when it is your turn. Bring a permission note from home if possible. Please note that many classes are full at this time, and you may be placed on one or more wait lists.

Students who wish to take online courses at AMDEC must make an appointment in guidance. Students are not permitted to take courses online if they are offered at Madill and can fit into your timetable.

No new classes may be started in semester 1 after Friday, September 13. Only type changes (e.g. academic to applied) and drops may be considered after that date.