Monthly Archives: April 2014

Course Changes for Next Year

Course changes for next year are frozen until after timetables have been created later this spring. If you are interested in a preferential course change (ie changing one elective for another), bring a note from home to give permission and you will be placed on a waitlist, or in the course if possible, once timetables have been created.

However, if you are considering a change in course type (for example college or mixed instead of university, or applied instead of academic), please bring a note from home giving permission as soon as possible. Course type changes may be difficult or impossible to make once timetables have been created. Bringing a note from home as soon as possible is especially important for course type changes in English, math and science.

Specialist High Skills Major Information

Information sessions for the Health & Wellness and Constructions High Skills Major Programs will take place in Mrs. Payne’s civics classes on April 30. If you are not taking civics this semester, but would like to attend an information session, please sign the list in guidance.

Ontario College Information Fair

The 2014 Ontario College Information Fair will take place on Monday, October 21, 2014 and Tuesday, October 22, 2014, at the Direct Energy Centre, Hall B, Exhibition Place Toronto.

Community Involvement Hours

Grade 12 students who have not yet completed their 40 community involvement hours are reminded to submit them to guidance as soon as possible, to ensure they can be verified and processed in time for graduation.

If you are uncertain whether specific activities qualify for community involvement hours, check the back of the community involvement tracking form or come into guidance to ask.

Tracking forms are available in the guidance office or online here (check menu on the left).

SHSM for 2014/2105

If you are a grade 10 student interested in learning more about the Health & Wellness or Construction Specialist High Skills Major offered at Madill, please sign the list in guidance indicating your interest in attending an information session this spring.

Please see the Madill course calendar for more information about Specialist High Skills Major.

OSAP / Financial Information Presentation

All grade 12 students who will be attending an Ontario college or university next year are invited to attend an OSAP / financial planning presentation on Friday, May 2 at 12:30. If you wish to attend this information session, please sign the list in guidance. Spaces will be limited.